Biography Menno Fokma

Menno Fokma is a director & visual artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His portfolio spans music videos, commercials, fashion films and artwork.

High-end art direction, a sense of fashion, visual effects and surrealistic narratives merge in his emotional cinematic experiences. Menno’s creative output reflects his interest in the perception of reality, psychology and the extraordinary. His mind-bending stories are open to interpretation, inviting subconscious emotions to rise to the surface.

Menno develops projects for commercial use and initiates art projects to express and explore new possibilities. Through his engagement in both fields, art and commissioned work influence and nourish each other in a progressive and experimental way.

With years of experience as a 3D artist and animator he has established a hands on approach to directing. He is able to accomplish technical and visual solutions for the execution of films and artwork by mixing film, photography and CGI.

His clients include: Moncler, River Island, MTV, Heineken, Universal, Mind of a Genius and V2 Records.

Menno’s work has featured on: Stash, Shots, Ffffound, Motionographer, GQ, Fubiz, Berlin Fashion Film Festival.