Biography Roderick Fenske

Just outside Second City near the intersection of Monty Python Avenue and David Lynch Street (right next to Roy Anderson Ranch) sits Roderick Fenske’s brand of humor. You can find it luxuriating in a small castle whilst having a gentle foot bath in rose petals administered by Lilliputians.

Ironically, this uniquely offbeat comedy appears to have a broad, international appeal. John and Betty Franklin of Sandusky, Ohio say this about Roderick Fenske’s brand of humor… “Usually, I hate anything the French like. But when I saw that Las Vegas tourism commercial that won a Cannes Lion, I thought hell, Pierre must be judging something right… Those chinchillas get me every time.”

It’s a sensibility honed from years of working as a creative in the swankier agencies of San Francisco, New York before and London. While working at TBWA London, Roderick began his directing career at the gentle cajoling of one Trevor Beattie, now a legend in the British ad industry.

Ten years later with several hundred commercials, short films and numerous awards — Roderick decided to move everything back to America. Roderick, his family and said humor happily reside together in Los Angeles.