Biography Steffen Haars

Director, writer, and actor Steffen Haars is working as a duo with Flip van der Kuil. Together they’ve had a huge success with the TV-show New Kids, which became a phenomenon in the Netherlands and across Europe. After the successful TV-series, production company Eyeworks (Kaap Holland Film) gave them the chance to turn their show into a movie. 1.6 Million people flocked the Dutch theaters to see the blockbusters New Kids Turbo and the sequel New Kids Nitro, written and directed by Haars and Van der Kuil. Haars also stars as one of the main characters Robbie Schuurmans in the popular New Kids sketches and films.

The New Kids blockbusters not only became a hit in The Netherlands, but were also successful in Belgium, Japan, Scandinavia, etc. In Germany, New Kids Turbo was the biggest Dutch film release ever. On top of the success at the box-office, the movies also won several awards at film festivals, like New Kids Turbo – Best Director Comedy Fantastic Fest 2011 and New Kids Nitro – Best Comedy Fantastic Fest 2012.

In 2011 Haars and van der Kuil wrote and directed a new movie, the romantic comedy: BROs BEFORE HOs. BROs BEFORE HOs also had Haars and Van der Kuil’s trademark sense of humor. They love to push the boundaries of comedy.

As a solo director Steffen directs commercials and directed the episode Dead Man’s Hand of the Dutch television series Van God Los.

In April 2016 Steffen and Flip announced their upcoming comedy Ron Goossens, Low Budget Stuntman, written and directed by the duo. It will be released in February 2017.