Biography Marine Dricot

Marine Dricot (1988) is a Belgian artist.

Her photography work has been presented at several festivals in Belgium and France, including Boutographics (Montpellier, FR, 2013), Le Musée de la Photographie (Antwerp, BE), Le Musée de la Photographie (Charleroi, BE), Wiels (Brussels, BE), Ikono (Brussels, BE), Punktum (Gent, BE).  Marine´s work got selected to represent contemporary Belgian photography at the OCT Museum of Szenzhen (China, 2013), at the ´L´EuroArt photo´ in the ´Palazzo Stelline´ in Milan (Italy) and in the ´Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea´ in Rome (Italy, 2014).

Her short photographic film ´´Petit Lait´´ got rewarded with the Special Jury Mention and the Audience Award at the festival ´´Les nuits photographiques 2014´´(Paris, FR). Afterwards, it was shown at the Photo Biennale at Thessaloniki (Greece), in the gallery ´Le magasin de jouets´(Arles, FR), in the Wallonian Centre of Contemporary Art ´La Châtaigneraie´(Liège, BE) and SPACE (Liège, BE).

Her work has featured at numerous solo and group exhibitions, such as ‘L’L’ (Bruxelles, BE), ‘Flanders center’ d’Osaka, (Japon), at the festival ‘Brugge Foto’ (Bruges, BE), in the culturel centre of Chênée (Liège, BE), at the ’44 gallery’ (Bruges, BE), in culturel centre ‘De Brakke Grond’ (Amsterdam), in the Musée BELvue de Bruxelles (BE), in the gallery ‘Satellite’ (Liège, BE), at the festival ‘Genthof 2012 / wonderful world’ (Bruges, BE), in the gallery ‘le Carré d’art’ (Rennes, FR), at the festival ‘Asia Express’ (Bruges), at the ‘BIP 2010’ 7e Biennale internationale de photographie de Liège (BE), at the 4e Biennale de photographie dans le Condroz (Marchin, BE), in the gallery ‘Les Chiroux’ (Liège, BE), at the Palais Provincial de Liège (BE)…

Since august 2013, Marine co-directed several music videos with Gaspard Ryelandt under the name of ´Beurre Bataille´.  Together, they made 4 music videos for the Robbing Millions and another one for Carl et les Hommes-Boîtes (Les statues ont souri). Marine then directed two more videoclips for the Robbing Millons on her own: (´8 is the figure that I like the most´ and ´Dreams like photographs).

Marine also directed two videoclips for The Van Jets and co-directed the music video ´Afflux de Luxe´ for Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul, together with Milo Gony. Her music videos featured in Les Inroks, Pigeons and Planes and Brain Magazine.